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[Experience Update] 51-61

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  • [Experience Update] 51-61

    Hey guys,

    We would like to announce that we've increased the experience rate for 51-61 to x10! (PvP Channel only)

    This now matches our other experience brackets! All the way to 70 is x10 experience!

    We hope this helps our new players to get into the game faster. Combined with our free experience scrolls at 10, free sets at 10 and 65 we think this will really help support our new players. Over the next few days we'll be running a like, share, comment event on our Facebook page to advertise this new levels of experience. Make use of this to get some referrals.

    Please know we can only now do this step thanks to the new anti-hack system.


    HelNet Team

    GM's will NEVER ask for your password or 4 digit pin. Don't give these to anyone.