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[17/06/17] Patch Notes

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  • [17/06/17] Patch Notes


    Quick patch notes for today:
    • Hollowpoint cast time reverted to 2 seconds (this should sort out the animation issues reported)
    • Go postal cast time changes reverted to sort the initial bugs with this skills, other changes remain in place
    • Updated game systems on our side
    - We are aware with issues with Muspelheim PvE. It crashed shortly after the re-start. We will fix this when we have chance.

    Please be aware that the skill re-work is still in progress. Unfortunately due to some issues on our side and with myself being very busy alot of our content updates have had to be delayed. We appreciate everyone's patience during this time and hope that it will get better over the next few weeks.


    Eriam and the HelNet Team

    GM's will NEVER ask for your password or 4 digit pin. Don't give these to anyone.