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  • War

    I wanted to know if worth it put cooldown in war weapon.

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    no!! there are many enchants that makes your character stronger than crit power/str/crit is my enchants


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      Yuii, like aji21 said but you need to consider. Why? whats your objective ? i mean you wanna sapm skill like a crazy btch or focus your dmg more in your AA ?
      If you're running any soul what give CDR i think inst good to put any CDR in weapon, i tested about crit dmg on weapon this dont change much thing.
      I wonder if piercing its better than the others xtals, i putted piercing on pran clotch and im really enjoying the dmg.
      Somes good xtals that i consider goods one: 6crit 8da 18str 22piercing 140nation dmg 8/10crit dmg ..
      Why? is simple ok, so you're a war ofc if you're running cdr build you're using cdr passive then if you calculate the % and cost about the cdr on weapon inst good at all.

      Just upgrade your hydra/gorgon soul if you want it.


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        Cooltime is a best for WR !

        there is nothing more to say