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We have moved our banning system to a new sub-forum here:

Support requests MUST be posted here, any posts for support on any other part of the forums will be ignored and closed.
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Staff listing

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  • Staff listing

    Following the restructure of our staff and some new systems coming into play. Heres a list of our current staff members:

    Core Hel Networks Staff List

    Admin_Bjorn : Lead Developer / Administrator
    Bjorn handles management of the development team and overall direction of the Hel Networks team
    FireShot : Lead Producer / Administrator
    FireShot Manages the production team for both Aika and R2, He is in charge of decision making on the direction the servers will move in.
    Four : Head of Support Staff / Community Manager
    Four manages the Support staff and has the final word on rule changes for both games & forums
    CrimsonSkies : Support Staff / Community Manager
    Crimson is in charge of ensuring community engagement and translating the players wishes to language the Admins and Developers can relate to
    Eriam : Support Staff / Community Manager
    Eriam spends most of his time in support section ensuring the devs know of all issues affecting players in our games, and has made it his life's work to keep our task management system full
    Rhythm : Developer
    Rhythm is our Anti-Hack specialist, he is the primary developer of all server end anti cheat tools

    Aika Support Staff
    Chaos : Support Staff
    Chaos helps out with answering Aika support tickets, forwarding important issues to Eriam and answering general inquiries.

    R2 Production Staff
    Griffin : Quality Assurance Team Member
    Griffin spends most of his time reporting directly to Bjorn of any issues affecting R2 as well as assisting with new updates and is challenging Eriam for the most tasks assigned to the dev team
    Manticore : Quality Assurance Team Member
    QA Team is in charge of checking for and reporting/helping to correct bugs/hacks to our development team

    R2 Forum Section Mods List

    LEGO - Chinese Section
    Wanderer - Russian Section
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    welcome !


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      Welcome! :3
      . . .I came here to Buff and all that jazz. . .


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        Updated with latest staff list
        Admins/GMs will NEVER ask for your password or character pin.
        Ban reports
        Support tickets
        If anyone asks you for your account details, do NOT reveal your info and report it to us.
        Admins do NOT require your password to log into your account.
        Our staff listing can be found here.


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          whether this will be a very long walk ?


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            Change Hermione pls zzzzzz tcs tcs