Update on Aika and StormThrone

So, basically long story short we will be closing Aika and StormThrone to focus entirely on R2 from this point forward.

We have disabled Donations already for Aika but will leave server up for the time being until the pre paid server fees run out.

It's been a good run but lately the Aika related staff has been focused on other projects and personally I prefer R2 development and at this point Aika is costing us too much every month to keep running and making us nothing for our time.

We will be migrating R2 to a new website at and focusing 100% of our time to that project... For the time being the site will still direct to r2s new site but that will likely change in the future so please update your bookmarks

Also We have replaced BTC donations with something more available to all users on the new site so please check in on that as well
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R2 [New Anti-Hack System]

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  • R2 [New Anti-Hack System]

    Hello guys,

    We are in the process of uploading a new anti-hack system to R2. This system may take a few days to perfect and may cause some login issues during the first few days. We'll be working to fix these as fast as possible but if you do have any errors please report them to us via the support section. Please bare with us during deployment.

    The new anti- hack will catch players attempting to utilize any 3rd party software to illegally gain an advantage in the game. This will lead to an automatic hardware ID ban from our servers. Effectively meaning your computer can no longer access any of our servers.

    Thank-you for your patience and on-going support.

    HelNet Team

    Привет всем! Мы ставим новую анти-хак систему на наш R2 сервер. Сразу предупреждаем, что для того, чтобы довести систему до ума и обработать все возникающие баги, может понадобиться некоторое время, и в течение нескольких следующих дней у игроков, возможно, будут проблемы со входом в игру. Мы будем фиксить это как можно быстрее, и если у вас возникную подобные проблемы, пожалуйста, обращайтесь в Support Section со скриншотами ошибок и подробным описанием проблемы (

    Новый анти-хак должен определять пользователей, пытающихся использовать стороннее ПО для нелегального получения преимущества в игре. Использование такового повлечёт бан по железу на всех наших серверах. На деле это значит, что со своего компьютера хакер больше не сможет зайти ни на один из наших серверов.

    Спасибо за ваше терпение и поддержку!

    Команда HelNet
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    GM's will NEVER ask for your password or 4 digit pin. Don't give these to anyone.