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Improved Reseller Availability | Become an E-Pin Reseller TODAY

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  • Improved Reseller Availability | Become an E-Pin Reseller TODAY

    OK so to get things rolling a bit faster I've changed reseller system a bit...

    Now ANYONE can become an E-Pin reseller, I've created these 2 new pages
    For generating E-Pins from your current dpoint ballance
    For viewing all epins linked to your account as seller that have not been used

    Currently to become an E-Pin reseller you MUST have D-Points on your account already, the only way to load up your account atm is through Bitcoins here

    Values 100$ + get the bonus points that resellers have always been offered with $500 and $1,000 getting an even larger bonus then has ever been offered to resellers

    --------------------- How To Use System ------------------------

    1. Load up D-Points to your account using Bitcoins here

    2. Go to

    3. Select a code value from the first dropdown box, this selects the value per code you are generating(ranges from 50DP up to 5,000DP per code)

    4. Select the number of codes to generate (each code will be the same value selected above and you must have enough dpoints on your account to generate them) (Max=100, Min = 1)

    5. Make sure Total Cost is not higher then the number of dpoints available on your account

    6. Press Submit, this will then generate your E-Pins and list the pins generated(you can view a list of all codes you have generated here at any time)

    7. Sell the E-Pins to other players using whatever system you prefer, from this point on it's up to you

    Anyone caught Scamming E-Pins/Abusing E-Pin system overall WILL get a hardware perma ban from the game and all E-Pins linked to the account will be posted on forums for the quickest users to take for free(no refunds will be issued to Scammers/Abusers)
    The Legend